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Game Opens today!

So, I'm opening the game today, it's been 3 weeks since I advertised and while I'd like more, I hope to start with a small game! I have some ideas I'd like to go over with the muns that are here already for ideas :D!

• How do you feel about me adding extra places from FFXIII-2 to the Historia Crux? Such as adding the 700AF and 700AF New Bodhum
• Would you like a [comm/action] for everyone's first opening or prose?
• I added some questions/things to the FAQ. It's important, it's about plot and for those that do have FFXIII characters! http://pulsemod.dreamwidth.org/1286.html

First Event Where are we now?

The first event of the game, everyone will wake up with their communicators. You can choose to do a post in the comm place or one through the log comm. The characters will wake up to what looks like Pulse right below the New Cocoon, but it's clearly different.

Something isn't right. The sky is gloomy and some people are no where to be seen(such as Hope, Snow and Lightning.) Characters who are not from FFXIII world will see the same thing but they will be without their friends/things they know.